Quality Improvement (2)

internal audit

The Benefits of Streamlining Internal Audits

It’s important for healthcare organizations to have effective protocols and systems in place to create a safety culture and provide the highest...

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infection prevention

Proactive Infection Prevention in Healthcare

According to the CDC, HAIs are contracted by an estimated 1.7 million patients annually and are responsible for 99,000 deaths each year in the U.S....

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safety in the aviation industry

What Can We Learn from the Aviation Industry?

Safety in aviation has often been compared to safety in healthcare. (1) This is the result of significant achievements in the field of aviation as it...

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patient feedback software to improve patient experience

Better Outcomes with Patient Feedback Software

Developing an effective process for patient feedback can take time, but it goes a long way in improving the overall patient experience. Read on to...

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value based care and access centers

Value Based Care: Using Access Centers to Improve Outcomes

As the healthcare industry moves towards a value based care reimbursement model, it becomes increasingly important for healthcare organizations to...

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EMS Incident Management System

EMS Incident Management System: The Best Compliance & Quality Solution

An emergency medical services (EMS) provider came to PHP with a common challenge: they were using paper and Excel files to manually report and track...

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impact of patient safety and quality of care programs

The Impact of Patient Safety and Quality of Care Programs

We are currently witnessing the modernization of patient safety, clinical quality, and outcomes management in healthcare. And yet, the majority of...

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what is value based care

What is Value Based Care? A New Era of Healthcare

The models of care used by healthcare organizations have evolved over time. One of the most significant healthcare paradigm shifts in the past...

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how to improve patient outcomes

How To Improve Patient Outcomes: An Integrated Approach With Permian Regional Medical Center

Learning how to improve patient outcomes remains a top goal of healthcare organizations, and with the right tools, it's possible to achieve. Here's...

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