Performance Health Partners prides itself not only on its top-performing technology, but also on the talent of its people. The company is thriving under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in health tech.

Performance Health Partners Leadership

Executive Team

Meet the leadership team that’s passionate about transforming healthcare safety. We’re hospital administrators, product experts, innovators, systems thinkers, and problem solvers using every tool at our disposal to empower your workforce and give voice to patients and employees.

Heidi Raines-2

Heidi Raines

Jessie Smith-1

Jessie Smith, MHA

Barbara Marhafer

Barbara Marhafer, CPA

Brandon Bergeron

Brandon Bergeron, MBA, CPM

Connie Christy

Connie Christy, CPA

Trudi Stafford

Trudi Stafford, RN, PhD, NEA-BC

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