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Developing an Effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Developing an effective root cause analysis (RCA) is key for healthcare organizations to identify factors that contribute to adverse events so that measures can be put in place to improve patient safety and reduce costs associated with risk. 

Inside, you'll gain insight on 7 types of tools for root cause analysis, how to maximize root cause analysis with standard processes, and what steps to take after a root cause analysis.



Calculate the Cost of Events at Your Facility

Patient safety programs can have a meaningful impact in making care safer and reducing costs through the Prevention of Healthcare-Acquired Conditions (HACs).

While HACs can cause both patient harm and substantial financial burden to an organization, many HACs are preventable with the implementation of a patient safety and clinical quality technology that strengthens care delivery and drives quality outcomes.


The Benefits of Implementing Checklists in Healthcare

Find out how your healthcare organization can optimize your use of checklists to improve outcomes across a variety of departments.

Inside, you'll gain insight on ty
pes of checklists, how to write an optimized checklist to improve outcomes, and the benefits of checklists in healthcare.



How to Develop an Effective Falls Prevention Program

Falls prevention is a crucial part of improving patient safety within your healthcare organization. How can healthcare organizations develop effective falls prevention programs?

Inside, you'll gain insight on the basic components of a successful falls prevention program, cost-avoidance opportunities, and outcomes associated with effective falls prevention programs.



PHP's Incident & Event Reporting Solution 

Learn about PHP's Incident & Event Reporting Solution. The ability to effectively report near misses, incidents, events, and complaints will bring your healthcare organization closer to Zero Harm.

Inside, you'll gain insight on effectively reporting incidents and events, how to conduct appropriate follow-up, and processes for analyzing the incident or event. 



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