Incident Management System

Prevent harm and improve patient and employee safety

Keep patients and employees safe with a proven healthcare incident management system that identifies systemic issues, improves communication, and prevents harm.


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An incident management system built for your healthcare setting

Empower teams and patients to share observations to turn safety events into opportunities for learning and prevention.

incident management system patient safety employee safety

Patient and Employee Safety

A complete incident management system for patient safety and employee safety incidents. Reporting, post-event analysis, and analytics bring your organization closer to zero harm.

incident management system root cause analysis

Root Cause


Identify underlying causes to problems so that process improvement solutions can be identified.

incident management system peer reviews



Ensure that quality standards are being met through a standardized process for managing staff reviews.

PHP icons 20230214_Flag, Risk Assessment

Complaints and


Receive, respond, and learn from complaints and grievances through quick notifications that provide an opportunity to improve patient experience and satisfaction.


Report quickly, act quickly

Accelerate incident reporting with our user-friendly, fully customizable forms that allow team members to report incidents, events, near misses, and complaints in under two minutes.

Compatibility with desktop, mobile, and tablet devices facilitates the reporting process, while EHR interoperability allows for seamless incident reporting and decreased time to resolution.

12EK Tablet Phone combo - Incident Reporting and Medication Incident v2-1

Overcome follow-up management hurdles

Jumpstart the follow-up management process. Automatic alerts and workflows notify team members and departments to review reported incidents, breaking down organizational silos and improving communication.

Easily assign due dates, corrective action plans, and next steps through a centralized communication channel for maximized efficiency and improved consistency.

Dashboard - Submissions - tablet-01-1

Make informed decisions and take action in real time

Predict patterns on process failures and underlying employee and patient safety issues with timely, highly accessible incident data.

Real-time dashboards with drill-through reporting enable teams to identify predictable patterns contributing to safety events, prioritize performance improvement initiatives, and take corrective action to prevent related incidents from reoccurring.

Dashboard - incidents v3 - desktop_device-2-1

The Performance Health Partners Difference

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to safety with our incident management system that results in better care, healthier patients, safer employees, and decreased costs.

easy to learn incident reporting software

Easy to Learn

Simplified user interface streamlines training and adoption

built on best practices

Built on Best Practices

Incorporates science-backed research

healthcare incident data

Smarter Data

To identify patterns, make informed decisions, and promote a culture of learning

adaptable incident management system


Our solutions are innovative and scalable for ever-evolving care models


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Equip your team with an incident management system that anyone can learn in minutes, so you can get back to what matters most: delivering safe, quality care.

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Incident Reporting System for Healthcare
The product has built-in dashboards that show us what the highest-risk areas are, like what department something happened in and whether it was an employee issue, fall, or medication error. The dashboards are worth their weight in gold.
Lifeline Vascular Care
The ability to access Performance Health Partners' product on a mobile device in the field has greatly enhanced the ability for us to capture incidents and manage our risk compliance much more effectively.
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
When we implemented the platform, we immediately saw an increase in reporting. We continue to see that increase. So, in terms of immediate results, we have a lot more information coming to us, and that is extremely helpful.
Permian Medical Center
We are able to track and foresee where occurrences happen and share and change any things that we see are problems. The major strengths of the system are that we are able to see a report of all the issues that reoccur, and we are able to run reports by site, person, location, or type of incident.
Hardtner Medical Center
We’ve been able to see a reduction in the fall rate in our hospital. We went from having the highest fall rate in the system to the second to lowest.
St. Martin Hospital
A few things that really stood out to us were the vendor's amazing customer service and their ability to help us create new reports. The system has really changed the way that we interpret results.
Monarch Behavioral Health
The software has been incredibly valuable, extremely beneficial, and time-saving. The patient satisfaction return rates are higher than ever before. A huge thank you to the PHP team for making implementation so smooth!
Ambulatory Surgery Center

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