Shared Voices: A Framework for Patient and Employee Safety in Healthcare

In her Amazon and Forbes Books best seller "Shared Voices," author and entrepreneur Heidi Raines shows how to systematically ensure the safety of patients and staff at healthcare facilities. Most medical errors occur because of flawed systems, not reckless practitioners, and systems can learn from errors. A just culture of care that protects everyone is possible through a framework of near-miss and incident reporting, equitable follow-up, analysis, and learning.

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Meet the author

Amazon and Forbes Books best selling author Heidi Raines is a healthcare executive and entrepreneur working at the intersection of patient and employee safety, systems innovation, and technology. She has dedicated her career to designing solutions to ensure that healthcare organizations have access to the knowledge and technology needed to deliver safe, equitable, and quality care.

The leading software for patient and employee safety. She holds a Preceptor Faculty position at Tulane University’s Master of Health Administration program and serves as Board President of the American College of Healthcare Executives Healthcare Executive Network. Raines was named one of the "Top 100 Influential Entrepreneurs in Technology", as well as one of the "Women in Health IT to Know 2023" by Becker's Hospital Review.

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Praise for Shared Voices

Utilizing a systems thinking approach that is rich in insightful data, Heidi Raines examines healthcare safety systems as if they were a giant puzzle. Chapter by chapter, she introduces the research-backed methods by which organizations can solve these challenges to achieve impactful change. Her vision of transforming healthcare organizations into safe cultures of care will inspire all who read Shared Voices.
Thomas J. Stranova, ScD, MHA
Clinical Associate Professor, Tulane University
If you’re a healthcare leader who cares deeply about your staff and patients, put this book on your required reading list. Shared Voices succinctly reviews the relevant research on improving patient and employee safety in healthcare and places it at the heart of every proactive, future-forward healthcare organization.
Rebekah E. Gee, MD, MPH, FACOG
American physician and public health policy expert
I was expecting lots of data and statistics and although Raines used them to make an impact on the reader as to the depth of the issue, I never felt overwhelmed by the numbers. Rather, I felt educated to the size of the issue, the way other industries addressed similar issues, and how we can all impact positive change in healthcare. Raines spelled it out clearly and in a manner that's easy to digest, understand and execute.
Michael Horning
Co-founder, Simple Admit
This book will surely be an invaluable, trusted resource for the next generation of healthcare leaders.
Thomas J. Stranova, ScD, MHA
Clinical Associate Professor, Tulane University
Raines has a very good work in this book. Logistical systems in general are bone dry which is a huge issue when it comes to healthcare. That's doubly hard when balancing the usually hanging by a thread work culture found in healthcare as well as handling patients.
GoodReads Reviewer
I got this book because I was looking for a way to understand how to improve reporting at my hospital. "Shared Voices" seemed like it would be able to provide me with some insights about a potential solution to the challenge of underreporting of events and it was even better than I was expecting. It really helped me better understand the barriers that prevent effective incident reporting and what deters healthcare workers to report unsafe conditions and near misses. Looking forward to incorporating the author's recommended strategies into our safety program.
Amazon Reviewer

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Heidi Raines Named Among Women in Health IT to Know

Alert Media -- Health is grappling with a significant staffing shortage, which directly impacts employee safety. For hospitals and care providers overwhelmed by burnout, workplace violence, and other systemic issues, the key to improving their safety culture is near-miss reporting.

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Heidi Raines Named Among Women in Health IT to Know 2023

Becker's Hospital Review -- Healthcare is becoming more diverse, and women are increasingly represented in health IT. They're helping to streamline the burdensome behind-the-scenes work of patient care and leading their healthcare organizations into a new age of digital transformation. logo

Talking Business: Heidi Raines is defying the odds and growing a health tech firm in N.O. -- Success in the healthcare industry requires a deep understanding of both business dynamics and the human side of healthcare. We strive to create a positive impact on patients' lives while maintaining a strong focus on operational excellence.

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Why healthcare should follow aviation’s culture of safety

Drug Store News -- Drawing on the aviation industry’s proactive strategies, healthcare leaders have recognized the necessity of fostering an environment where staff are supported and encouraged to voice concerns around system issues.

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Ochsner Health Spotlights Healthcare Innovation and Local Entrepreneurs During New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

Heidi Raines joins Ochsner Health’s “Women of Tech” panel at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week to discuss her experience growing PHP, what has changed since the pandemic, and her advice for like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Health Care Tech Company Tackles Medical Personnel Shortage

Biz New Orleans -- How can we make healthcare settings safer while also addressing an industry facing major workforce issues? Heidi Raines talks about the power of anonymous reporting and her new book, “Shared Voices.”

Beckers Healthcare Review

Amid hospital 'chaos,' stick to standards to improve quality

Becker's Healthcare -- "Healthcare organizations must prioritize taking a systems-focused, proactive approach to patient and healthcare worker safety. And that starts with fostering a culture of safety," Heidi Raines said.

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Heidi Raines Of PHP On How Tech Can Make An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness

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Heidi Raines Joins Fox 8 News

Fox 8 News -- Since 2020, 1 in 5 healthcare workers has quit their jobs as concerns for worker and patient safety continue to grow. Heidi Raines discusses ways healthcare leaders can improve employee safety and satisfaction.

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Healthcare Cost-Cuts Can Put Patients at Risk; Here’s How to Increase Safety

The Good Men Project -- Are healthcare organizations that enact cost-cutting measures endangering their patients? Heidi Raines shares her thoughts, along with strategies organizations can utilize to ensure patient safety.

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A Call For Protecting Patients And Amplifying Healthcare Worker Voices

Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, announced today the release of Shared Voices: A Framework for Patient and Employee Safety in Healthcare by Heidi Raines.

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Q&A: Heidi Raines, Founder and CEO of Performance Health Partners

New Orleans City Business -- Heidi Raines shares the story behind Performance Health Partners and what the company is doing to transform safety in healthcare.

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The Nursing Shortage: 8 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Improve Retention

Oklahoma's Nursing Times -- Heidi Raines shares strategies healthcare organizations can use to give voice to nurses, and thus improve nurse retention.

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Improving Senior Patient Safety Through Nurse Advocacy

McKnights Long Term Care News -- Because nurses are the eyes, ears and heartbeat of every healthcare organization, their voices impact change in all aspects of patient care. Here are a few ways that nurses can advocate for the safety of their senior patients.

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Heidi Raines joins Scripps News

Scripps News -- Following the New York nurses strike, Performance Health Partners Founder and CEO joined Scripps News to discuss how giving nurses a voice can ease burnout and improve retention.

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Healthcare Leaders Are Turning To ‘Just Culture’ To Prevent Patient And Employee Safety Incidents

Nashville Medical News -- Heidi Raines shares the importance of shifting to a culture of shared accountability, and the five components healthcare organizations should focus on when making the shift.

Amazon best seller

Shared Voices Named Amazon Best Seller and No. 1 New Release

PHP -- “Shared Voices: A Framework for Patient and Employee Safety in Healthcare” reached best-seller and No. 1 New Release status in several healthcare-related Amazon categories.

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Heidi Raines Partners With Forbes Books To Write Book

Forbes Books -- Heidi Raines, an authority on advancing employee and patient safety, is partnering with Forbes Books to author a book that explores how the healthcare community can reduce incidents, errors, and safety events that jeopardize patients and employees.

Nashville Medical News

Medical Mistakes: How Healthcare Leadership Can Prevent Fatal Errors

Nashville Medical News -- Heidi Raines, author of Shared Voices: A Framework for Patient and Employee Safety in Healthcare, says some hospital deaths and patient injuries could be prevented with better reporting by healthcare workers about patient safety issues.

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