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Case Studies

Case Study: Increasing Quality and Reducing
Risk Across a Healthcare System

Many healthcare organizations struggle to address the challenge of siloed technology systems. There is a growing demand for solutions that can address the unique needs of individual departments, while still promoting a sense of cohesiveness and providing clear data from which to draw insights across the organization.

In this case study, learn how the largest non-profit regional health system in Louisiana improved patient outcomes and reduced risk across their organization by implementing Performance Health Partner's patient safety, quality, and compliance solutions.



Case Study: How a Federally Qualified Health Center Manages Employee Health

In addition to monitoring the health and safety of patients, healthcare organizations are also responsible for monitoring the health and safety of their workforce. Increasingly, organizations are turning to software solutions to effectively manage the employee health process.

In this case study, learn how one healthcare organization proactively improved upon their employee health process by implementing tools for vaccine tracking, data visualization, and more.



Case Study: How a Hospice, Palliative Care, and Home Health Facility Protects Patients & Employees During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed infection control practices
and how care is delivered in healthcare settings – particularly within vulnerable
patient populations such as home health, hospice, and palliative care.

In this case study, learn how one healthcare organization proactively assessed the health and safety of their employees with a software solution during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Case Study: How a Behavioral Health Facility Improved Patient Safety Outcomes

Comprehensive incident reporting systems are a valuable tool for healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes. However, these systems can be challenging to implement.

A statewide behavioral health facility came to Performance Health Partners looking for a solution to replace their outdated incident and event reporting system. Learn how they improved their safety outcomes with a new incident reporting solution in this case study.



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