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for Healthcare 

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Performance Health Partners (PHP) provides comprehensive technology solutions for healthcare organizations, making it easier than ever to improve outcomes. 

Patient Safety 

Prevent patient safety events with a proven event reporting system that securely manages, monitors, and remediates risk.

Quality & PI 

Easily measure performance improvement and quality throughout individual departments or across your organization.

Compliance & Audit

Make data-informed, real-time decisions for the health of your facility. Track action items to assess regulatory and compliance measures.


Manage employee health, medical staff, HR, information security, and a multitude of operational activities across your organization.


Clients' Favorite Solutions


These solutions have enabled their organizations to elevate patient care and bring performance to the next level.


More Than Technology


A Partner In Care

Our service never stops. We listen. We learn. We devote the time to discover what solutions will work best for your entire organization. We're a full-service partner who works hand-in-hand with you to innovate as the healthcare environment evolves.

A Partner

Our dedicated support staff and specialists will evaluate your processes and identify areas of improvement. Together, we will develop a plan to streamline processes in your organization.

Custom Processes 

We build custom processes for your organization, while applying best practices that are proven effective locally, regionally, and nationally.

Tools and Technology

PHP tools and technology have been developed with you in mind and were perfected for years before being introduced to our clients.


A program is only as good as its integration. When you invest in us, we invest in you with the time, energy, and people to fully integrate into your daily operations to improve outcomes. 



We are Better Together

See what a healthcare organization has been able to achieve with PHP's software and services. 

“The great thing about Performance Health Partners’ software, for the front-line staff, it’s very simple to use. All they have to do is click on a picture to start the report.”
Jessica Booth
RNRisk Manager
Permian Medical Center
“By implementing PHP solutions, we were able to reduce incidents. Reporting and retrieving real time data seems to get easier, all the time.The PHP team is extremely easy to work with. Very accommodating.”
Mona Daigle
Compliance & Risk Manager
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
“PHP’s Performance Improvement Solutions have helped us streamline processes and everyone follows the same processes across departments. Less digging for data and more doing our jobs: saving people, time, and resources. User-friendly? It’s 10/10.”
Taylor Allen
Director of Infection Control & Employee Health
Hardtner Medical Center
“We’ve been able to see a reduction of our fall rate in our hospital. We went from having the highest fall rate in the system to the second to lowest.”
Karen Wyble, RN, MSN
Chief Executive Officer
St. Martin Hospital

Sectors We Serve

Behavioral Health
Long-Term Care
Home Health
IVF Facilities & Laboratories
Ambulance Services
Ambulatory Surgical Hospitals



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