Just Culture

what is a just culture in healthcare

What is a Just Culture in Healthcare?

First used in healthcare in a 2001 report by David Marx, the definition of just culture is a system of shared accountability in which organizations...

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examples of good catches in healthcare

5 Examples of Good Catches in Healthcare & How to Implement a Near Miss Campaign

Learn how to recognize common examples of good catches in healthcare that prevent harm before it reaches the patient.

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Enterprise risk management in healthcare

Enterprise Risk Management in Healthcare: A Collaborative Approach

Healthcare risk management technology is very effective in supporting risk avoidance when used to support well-designed care processes. Read on to...

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safety huddles

How to Conduct Effective Safety Huddles

Safety huddles are a key tool for healthcare organizations to reduce patient harm, ensure accurate, consistent communication between staff, and...

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Incident Reporting Form

Key Features of Effective Incident Reporting Forms

The key to improved patient and employee safety is increasing incident and event reporting to collect data to better understand process gaps and root...

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Safety in Healthcare 17 Recommendations for Healthcare Organizations

Safety in Healthcare: 17 Recommendations for Healthcare Organizations

Even though increasing efforts have been made over the past two decades, safety in healthcare remains a major area of concern. Experts have in...

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patient safety organization

What is a Patient Safety Organization (PSO)?

By participating in a patient safety organization, healthcare organizations can reduce risk and improve the overall quality of care.

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just culture in nursing

Best Practices for Creating a Just Culture in Nursing

A just culture in nursing is an environment where everyone is alert to potential risks. To learn from these risks, all staff must be engaged in...

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just culture in healthcare

An Introduction to Just Culture and Why Patient Safety is Important

Medical errors and preventable incidents occur daily in healthcare organizations. By increasing the number of near misses and incidents reported,...

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how to prevent medical errors in healthcare

How to Prevent Medical Errors in Healthcare: Create a Learning Culture

Having a well-developed and established learning culture can help prevent errors in healthcare and improve overall patient safety.

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