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Optimizing Patient Safety & Process Improvement in Healthcare

process improvement in healthcare

Process improvement in healthcare takes center stage in this compelling case study, where we follow the journey of Pinnacle Healthcare, an Indiana-based hospital. Grappling with the limitations of their outdated incident management system, they adopt Performance Health Partners' award-winning software, leading to revolutionary enhancements in operational efficiency, patient safety, and report optimization.

Explore the challenges, triumphs, and significant outcomes of Pinnacle's voyage towards better, safer patient care through innovative healthcare technology.

Journey to Enhanced Patient Safety & Process Improvement in Healthcare: An Overview

Pinnacle Healthcare, a small but committed 18-bed inpatient hospital in Indiana, was battling an inefficient incident management system. The navigation was complex, comprehensive reporting was missing, and staff found the system more of a burden than a help.

Faced with these challenges, Mileva Savich, RN, Director of Quality, Accreditation and Risk Management, took it upon herself to seek out a better solution, leading her to Performance Health Partners (PHP), the country’s leading patient and employee safety software company.

The Challenge

Pinnacle's preexisting software proved a significant roadblock for the staff due to its intricate interface and the challenges associated with generating meaningful reports. Mileva voiced her frustrations by noting, "The software presented a huge barrier. Understanding trends or identifying areas requiring immediate improvement was an uphill battle. Sending reports to managers or pinpointing areas needing patient safety enhancements was also a headache.”

“We couldn’t effectively improve on anything relating to patient outcomes. For instance, when a patient fall occurred, it took 30 minutes just to input the time, day, and shift details,” Mileva emphasized. “Creating a report to investigate if there were recurring patterns, such as a specific time or department associated with the falls, was just impossible. The system simply was not conducive to time-effective operations."

This software's lack of intuitive design led to a marked underreporting of incidents, thereby negatively impacting patient care. Moreover, the platform’s cumbersome nature made the management of vital tasks – like tracking patient falls, medication errors, and worker's compensation cases – unduly complex, thus impeding the efficiency of Pinnacle's operations.

The Turning Point: Partnership with PHP

Upon recognizing the limitations and lack of support from their previous software provider, Pinnacle Healthcare began their quest for a robust software solution. More than just a technical upgrade, they wanted a partner who could understand their unique perspective and needs. "We didn't need special treatment, but rather a team that could appreciate our insights from a healthcare perspective, not from the perspective of a software developer. We were looking for a partner who understood the essence of our role and its impact on patient care," voiced Mileva.

Drawn to PHP’s demonstrated legacy of unwavering commitment to client success, Pinnacle felt a natural affinity. From the get-go, Mileva noted that PHP exhibited a potent combination of professional acumen and empathetic understanding.

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The team actively addressed Pinnacle's concerns, presenting a meticulously planned roadmap for the transition. This plan clearly outlined responsibilities, target dates, and a comprehensive implementation strategy. PHP's team ensured a hassle-free transition, instilling confidence in Pinnacle's staff through extensive training and customer support.

Mileva further elaborated on her aspirations for the new system: "I envisioned a program that was user-friendly for the staff – a system where they could easily input information, and I could handle the rest. I wanted a comprehensive dashboard to identify hospital-wide trends, a feature our previous system lacked. I needed a system with the ability to quickly and easily generate various reports."

This vision became a reality with PHP's incident management software, bringing about an outstanding transformation in Pinnacle's process improvement in healthcare.

The Remarkable Transformation

Reflecting on the drastic healthcare process improvements brought about by PHP's software, Mileva acknowledged, "Our operational efficiency has been fundamentally transformed. Previously time-consuming tasks, such as report generation, are now accomplished in just a few minutes. The software allows us to promptly access comprehensive data on incidents, their frequency, and their departmental distributions.”

She elaborated, “For example, a significant enhancement was the automated distribution of incident reports to me, Human Resources, and the Infection Control Department. This system ensures that workers’ compensation cases or potential OSHA concerns are addressed immediately and within the legal timeframe – a significant departure from our previous software. All departments are now simultaneously informed, enabling an immediate and coordinated response."

Pinnacle’s transition to PHP's software has resulted in substantial operational improvements at Pinnacle, streamlining event submission and report generation, and expediting the identification of trends through real-time incident insights. The timely distribution of critical incident reports among key departments ensures rapid responses and compliance with regulatory requirements. With this, PHP's solution has proven to be a game-changer for the organization.

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Tangible Results

Six months after the implementation of PHP’s system, Pinnacle saw a 40% increase in incident reporting, pointing to a rise in staff engagement. There was also a striking 51% decrease in medication errors over 20 months. This improvement demonstrated the software's potential in enhancing workflow efficiency and improving patient safety. Significant cost savings were also achieved, thanks to fewer patient and employee safety events as well as less documentation errors.

Mileva shared, "Everyone on our team can use PHP’s software seamlessly. This has significantly reduced the number of one-on-one support requests that I used to receive. I no longer find myself fielding a constant stream of calls for assistance as was the case with our previous software. The simplicity and intuitive design of PHP's software have been a welcome change for our team."

Looking Forward

The success of PHP's software has led to its solidification as a key partner in Pinnacle's drive toward achieving safer care, improved outcomes, and decreased costs. Pinnacle plans to further harness the power of PHP's software to continuously enhance operations, staff engagement, and patient care.

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This successful collaboration between Pinnacle Healthcare and Performance Health Partners exemplifies how embracing innovative technology can significantly improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes.

PHP's comprehensive approach to client support, combined with their trailblazing software solutions, offers a beacon of hope for healthcare organizations of all types and sizes seeking to revolutionize their systems and services.

"I'd confidently tell any organization that adopting this software is an absolute no-brainer. Its ease of use for both managers and staff, along with the seamless reporting and trend analysis capabilities it offers, aligns with the best interests of the patients, the staff, and the organization's financial health." - Mileva Savich, RN, Director of Quality, Accreditation and Risk Management Pinnacle Healthcare

Ready for an upgrade?

If your organization is being held back by an outdated system and you’re considering a transformative change, connect with our team. We’re eager to demonstrate how our award-winning incident management system, meticulously tailored to address your unique needs, can help you achieve safer care, better outcomes, decreased costs, and enhanced process improvement in healthcare.

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