Patient Safety

home health

Why Incident Reporting is Important in the Home Health Setting

Incident reporting is an essential process in the home health setting, as it provides an opportunity for healthcare providers to identify and address...

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patient safety

Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns 2023

Patient safety is an ongoing concern for healthcare providers and patients alike. As medical technologies continue to advance, and new treatments are...

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Improving Patient Safety

Improving Patient Safety: How to Tackle Inaccurate Medication Lists

Medication errors can have serious consequences for patients, including hospitalizations, longer stays, and even death. One common cause of...

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medication errors incorrect labeling

Medication Errors: Why We Must Look Beyond the “Five Rights”

Medication errors are a widespread concern in healthcare, and they can have severe consequences for patients. The five rights of medication...

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Hospital Incident Reporting Software

3 Features to Look for in Hospital Incident Reporting Software

Finding the right hospital incident reporting software can not only greatly improve patient care, but also enhance safety in the work environment and...

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improve nurse retention

9 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Improve Nurse Retention

Nurse retention is a critical issue for healthcare organizations. High turnover rates can lead to increased costs, decreased quality of care, and...

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Why Every Hospital Needs a Reliable Incident Management System

Why Every Hospital Needs a Reliable Incident Management System

Hospitals are complex institutions that must juggle a variety of competing priorities daily. From ensuring the quality of patient care to managing...

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shared voices heidi raines

Heidi Raines Partners With Forbes Books To Write Book On Improving Patient And Employee Safety

Heidi Raines, CEO and Founder of Performance Health Partners and an authority on advancing employee and patient safety, is partnering with Forbes...

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Incident Reporting Form

Key Features of Effective Incident Reporting Forms

The key to improved patient and employee safety is increasing incident and event reporting to collect data to better understand process gaps and root...

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Nurse Using Incident Reporting Software in Healthcare to Improve Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

Get Incident Reporting Software in Healthcare for Better Outcomes and Increased Patient Satisfaction

As patient safety becomes increasingly challenged by growing threats, it’s essential for healthcare organizations to put in place measures to...

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