Patient Safety

ambulatory surgery center case study

How a Surgery Center Achieved Streamlined Excellence with PHP [Case Study]

Amidst their state-of-the-art facilities and unwavering commitment to unparalleled patient experiences, Vivere-Audubon Surgery Center faced a...

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rounding software healthcare

Rounding Software in Healthcare: An In-Depth Guide

Rounding software greatly enhances the efficiency of clinical and non-clinical rounding in healthcare, offering providers streamlined processes...

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patient engagement guide

Patient Engagement: A Guide to Driving Better Outcomes

Patient engagement begins when patients are treated as partners, rather than simply recipients of care. Through this engagement, individuals not only...

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patient engagement strategies

Patient Engagement Strategies: Creating a Safer Future in Healthcare

Patient engagement goes beyond the traditional patient-provider relationship, shifting into a collaborative partnership focused on shared...

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Hospital Risk Management Software

Harnessing the Power of Hospital Risk Management Software

Hospital risk management software is crucial for tackling the wide range of operational risks that hospitals face. Striving to offer the best care to...

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patient safety at end of life

Preserving Dignity & Ensuring Patient Safety at End of Life

Maintaining patient safety during end-of-life care isn’t solely focused on physical well-being but equally about preserving the dignity and autonomy...

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medication errors in children

How to Reduce the Risk of Harm from Medication Errors in Children

Reducing the risk of harm from medication errors in children – one of the most common types of medical error – is crucial for their safety and...

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Incident Reporting Software

5 Reasons to Switch to Incident Reporting Software

Amid the fast-paced world of healthcare, organizations are increasingly leaving behind traditional reporting with paper and spreadsheets and...

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regulatory compliance in health care

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance in Health Care with Incident Management Software

Regulatory compliance in health care is a non-negotiable aspect of the industry. It ensures patient safety, reduces risks, and upholds the integrity...

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process improvement in healthcare

Optimizing Patient Safety & Process Improvement in Healthcare [Case Study]

Process improvement in healthcare takes center stage in this compelling case study, where we follow the journey of Pinnacle Healthcare, an...

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