Health IT

Internal Audits in the Healthcare

The Importance of Data-Driven Internal Audits in Healthcare

Data-driven internal audits are crucial for the success of healthcare organizations. From ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining patient...

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improving patient satisfaction

Improving Patient Satisfaction with Lower Staffing Levels: Strategies and Solutions

Understaffed hospitals face a significant challenge when it comes to improving patient satisfaction. Lower staffing levels mean fewer workers are...

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what is best in klas

Best in KLAS: What Is It? And Why Does a High Score Matter?

Best in KLAS is a designation given to healthcare technology and services companies that have been ranked highest by healthcare providers in the...

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how to prevent medical errors

How Healthcare Leaders Can Prevent Fatal Errors

Barriers to event and incident reporting can all deter healthcare employees from sharing their observations. But for patients to receive the highest...

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Hospital Incident Reporting Software

3 Features to Look for in Hospital Incident Reporting Software

Finding the right hospital incident reporting software can not only greatly improve patient care, but also enhance safety in the work environment and...

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benchmarking healthcare incident data

Benchmarking in Healthcare: Benefits of Using Incident Data

In the healthcare industry, incident data plays a crucial role in identifying areas for improvement and measuring performance. One way to make the...

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Why Every Hospital Needs a Reliable Incident Management System

Why Every Hospital Needs a Reliable Incident Management System

Hospitals are complex institutions that must juggle a variety of competing priorities daily. From ensuring the quality of patient care to managing...

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Incident Reporting Form

Key Features of Effective Incident Reporting Forms

The key to improved patient and employee safety is increasing incident and event reporting to collect data to better understand process gaps and root...

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Nurse Using Incident Reporting Software in Healthcare

An Overview of Incident Reporting Software in Healthcare

Incident reporting systems have long been used in high-risk industries like aviation and nuclear to promote safety and mitigate risk – and with...

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Hospital Incident Reporting Software: 6 Benefits

6 Benefits of Hospital Incident Reporting Software

Hospital incident reporting software has become an indispensable tool for organizations aiming to improve patient and employee safety. In addition to...

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