Value Based Care

rounding checklist

An Effective Environment of Care Checklist

For healthcare providers, the physical environment of care has a significant impact on patient wellbeing and the ability of care teams to deliver...

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 Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

A Collaborative Approach: Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

With rapidly evolving patient needs, growing regulatory requirements, and new technological advances, it is now increasingly important for quality...

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value based reimbursement

Value Based Reimbursement: The Evolution of Quality and Patient Safety

Healthcare reimbursement describes the payment that a hospital, diagnostic facility, or other healthcare provider receives for providing patients...

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how to improve the patient experience

5 Steps: How to Improve Patient Experience in Healthcare

In the United States, over 35 million patients stay in hospitals every year. For physicians and hospital staff who see hundreds of patients each day,...

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cost effectiveness of risk avoidance

The Cost Effectiveness of Risk Avoidance

Risk avoidance in healthcare is comprised of the clinical and administrative systems and processes used to detect, analyze, and prevent the...

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patient safety culture

5 Steps for Establishing an Effective Patient Safety Culture

Preventable errors are estimated to cost the U.S. healthcare system approximately $187.5 billion to $250 billion annually. (1) Effective Patient...

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evolution of healthcare reimbursement

The Evolution of Health Care Costs and Reimbursement

Healthcare costs and forms of reimbursement have evolved over time. In the late 1800s, Samuel Clemons, whose pen name was Mark Twain, described a...

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patient feedback software to improve patient experience

Better Outcomes with Patient Feedback Software

Developing an effective process for patient feedback can take time, but it goes a long way in improving the overall patient experience. Read on to...

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value based care and access centers

Value Based Care: Using Access Centers to Improve Outcomes

As the healthcare industry moves towards a value based care reimbursement model, it becomes increasingly important for healthcare organizations to...

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what is value based care

What is Value Based Care? A New Era of Healthcare

The models of care used by healthcare organizations have evolved over time. One of the most significant healthcare paradigm shifts in the past...

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