root cause analysis in healthcare

Developing an Effective Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare

How can healthcare organizations develop an effective root cause analysis in healthcare? Read on to learn how your organization can improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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healthcare cybersecurity

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Taking a Proactive Approach

Healthcare cybersecurity is more critical than ever before with the rise of technology, making patient data more vulnerable than ever to...

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fall prevention for elderly

Fall Prevention for Elderly Living Communities

Fall prevention for elderly is crucial, as falls in older adults are the third leading cause of chronic disability, and a recent study published by...

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cybersecurity in healthcare

Improving Cybersecurity in Healthcare: How Incident Reporting Can Help

Cybersecurity in healthcare is a growing issue, with healthcare organizations facing more cyber threats than ever before. With sensitive personal...

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RCA in healthcare

RCA in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide

RCA in healthcare is a critical process for organizations that aims to identify the underlying causes of a safety issue or an adverse event. Read on...

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benefits of incident reporting in healthcare

6 Benefits of Incident Reporting in Healthcare

Incident reporting is an essential responsibility of healthcare organizations to improve patient safety and quality care today. When done well,...

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root cause analysis of a sentinel event

How to Perform a Root Cause Analysis of a Sentinel Event

A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a systemic approach towards problem solving used to determine the root cause of a problem. (1) This process is...

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incident reporting system

10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating An Incident Reporting System

Health Information Technology (HIT) is becoming increasingly important for improving quality outcomes and patient safety in healthcare...

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 Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

A Collaborative Approach: Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

With rapidly evolving patient needs, growing regulatory requirements, and new technological advances, it is now increasingly important for quality...

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what is incident management

What is Incident Management?: How to Prevent Harm in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, incident management is the backbone of ensuring patient safety and reducing harm in the care setting. Read on for a...

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