Performance Health Partners Named an Overall Top Performer by KLAS

Performance Health Partners has been rated by KLAS as one of the nation’s top performing companies offering Healthcare Safety, Risk and Compliance Management solutions. Most notably, the company received the highest product score among all vendors...

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patient safety and quality of care

The Evolution of Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Understanding the evolution of patient safety and quality of care helps provide insight into the evolution of healthcare in a clinical setting.

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patient safety organization

What is a Patient Safety Organization (PSO)?

By participating in a patient safety organization, healthcare organizations can reduce risk and improve the overall quality of care.

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healthcare technology computer hospital

Selecting the Right Healthcare Technology for Patient Safety


Implementing healthcare technology solutions can significantly improve patient care, enhance operational efficiencies, and promote organizational...
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strategies to improve patient experience

10 Strategies to Improve Patient Experience

Patients who are not satisfied with their healthcare experience, are more likely to never visit the healthcare organization again or recommend others...

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medication error prevention for healthcare providers

Medication Error Prevention for Healthcare Providers

With the high cost and negative patient outcomes associated with medication errors, healthcare organizations can't afford not to implement strategies...

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examples of good catches in healthcare

5 Examples of Good Catches in Healthcare & How to Implement a Near Miss Campaign

Learn how to recognize common examples of good catches in healthcare that prevent harm before it reaches the patient.

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purposeful rounding

4 Ways Purposeful Rounding Improves Patient Experience & Outcomes

Purposeful rounding is defined as a proactive, systemic, nurse-driven, evidence-based intervention that helps anticipate and address patient needs,...

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healthcare acquired conditions

How to Reduce Healthcare Acquired Conditions


Implementing an effective reduction program for healthcare acquired conditions is essential for improving infection control and patient outcomes....

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patient incident report

The Patient Incident Report: A Necessary Tool for Risk Management

With the increasing demands on healthcare providers today, even the most skilled and well-trained professionals can make mistakes. Incidents or...

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