Quality Improvement

improving patient safety

The Importance of Improving Patient Safety & Quality of Care in Healthcare

Improving patient safety and ensuring the highest quality of care should be the foundation on which all healthcare strategies are built upon. These...

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root cause analysis in healthcare

Developing an Effective Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare

How can healthcare organizations develop an effective root cause analysis in healthcare? Read on to learn how your organization can improve outcomes...

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 Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

A Collaborative Approach: Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

With rapidly evolving patient needs, growing regulatory requirements, and new technological advances, it is now increasingly important for quality...

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value based reimbursement

Value Based Reimbursement: The Evolution of Quality and Patient Safety

Healthcare reimbursement describes the payment that a hospital, diagnostic facility, or other healthcare provider receives for providing patients...

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checklists in healthcare

Why Checklists in Healthcare Are Important

Checklists provide a wealth of positive impacts within healthcare organizations. Whether you are looking to effectively report incidents, prevent...

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patient safety and quality of care

The Evolution of Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Understanding the evolution of patient safety and quality of care helps provide insight into the evolution of healthcare in a clinical setting.

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patient safety events

Measuring the Impact of Patient Safety Events

Measuring and tracking patient safety events can have a meaningful impact in making care safer and reducing costs through the prevention of...

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patient safety organization

What is a Patient Safety Organization (PSO)?

By participating in a patient safety organization, healthcare organizations can reduce risk and improve the overall quality of care.

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how to prevent patient falls

How to Prevent Patient Falls in 10 Steps

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, approximately 700,000 to 1,000,000 people fall in United States hospitals every day....

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building an enterprise risk management system

Building an Enterprise Risk Management System [Case Study]

Before implementing Performance Health Partner’s enterprise software system, Ochsner Lafayette General, the largest non-profit regional health system...

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