Improve patient safety Checklists in Hospitals

Improve Patient Safety with Checklists in Hospitals

Patient safety incidents are a serious concern in healthcare. These incidents can cause harm to patients, increase costs, and damage brand...

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checklists in healthcare

Why Checklists in Healthcare Are Important

Checklists provide a wealth of positive impacts within healthcare organizations. Whether you are looking to effectively report incidents, prevent...

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rounding checklist

An Effective Environment of Care Checklist

For healthcare providers, the physical environment of care has a significant impact on patient wellbeing and the ability of care teams to deliver...

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healthcare acquired conditions

How to Reduce Healthcare Acquired Conditions


Implementing an effective reduction program for healthcare acquired conditions is essential for improving infection control and patient outcomes....

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using checklists in healthcare

Reduce HAIs by Using Checklists in Healthcare

Preventing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) is an important goal for any healthcare organization to improve patient safety. A ...

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patient safety checklist

What to Look for in a Patient Safety Checklist


A patient safety checklist is one of the most effective tools that healthcare teams can use to ensure consistency and safety across an...

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safety in the aviation industry

What Can We Learn from the Aviation Industry?

Safety in aviation has often been compared to safety in healthcare. (1) This is the result of significant achievements in the field of aviation as it...

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