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Enhancing Environment of Care with Rounding Software [Case Study]

rounding software case study

In the healthcare industry, a safety checklist is crucial for maintaining high safety standards and streamlining operations. Performance Health Partners' innovative rounding software has had a transformative impact on one particular healthcare organization, providing significant benefits to both patients and staff alike. For comprehensive insights into this transformation, explore the detailed case study provided below.

Organization Introduction

Ochsner Lafayette General (OLG) is an essential healthcare provider in south-central Louisiana, delivering comprehensive services across inpatient and outpatient settings. Serving over 200,000 patients annually, the Lafayette region boasts an array of facilities, including the flagship Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center and the region's sole Level II Trauma Center.

This extensive network, including specialized hospitals and numerous clinics, ensures residents have accessible, specialized care at their fingertips. Committed to delivering high-quality patient care, OLG was keen to find solutions to improve their safety and environment of care. That's where Performance Health Partners came into the picture.

The Challenge: Elevating Safety Protocols & Regulatory Compliance

In a healthcare setting, ensuring high safety standards is of utmost importance, and it requires meticulous attention to every detail, no matter how small. The Joint Commission evaluates how organizations manage safety, security, hazardous materials and waste, fire safety, medical equipment, and utilities to determine if areas are safe for patients, visitors, and staff.

As Jodi Mouton, Coordinator of Regulatory and Performance Improvement at Ochsner Lafayette General, expressed, “Ensuring high safety standards means paying attention to every single detail, even those that might initially seem insignificant.”

At OLG, this translated into addressing minute aspects of safety, like keeping hallways uncluttered, ensuring exit signs were illuminated, and maintaining dust-free vents and sprinkler heads. Seemingly trivial, these elements posed potential risks to safety.

Given the expansive size of the OLG health system, the core quality team confronted a pressing dilemma: How could they effectively oversee regulatory compliance across all departments?

This highlighted the urgency for a mechanism to distribute the environment of care checklist – or as OLG terms it, the safety checklist – to frontline staff monthly. Additionally, the organization needed a robust system to track follow-up, resolution and work orders stemming from these safety checks, as well as real-time dashboards for quick trend identification and immediate resolutions.

Considering the extensive scope of OLG, a structured safety checklist was crucial. This systematic approach went beyond just routine upkeep and was pivotal for regulatory preparedness. When surveyors arrived, OLG had to ensure that the environment of care was both safe and in strict compliance with standards.

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Solution: Embracing Digital Innovation with a Safety Checklist

To address these challenges, OLG turned to Performance Health Partners’ digital rounding software. Designed with intuitiveness and automation at its core, the software aims to minimize administrative burden. Additionally, its mobile compatibility ensures staff flexibility, liberating them from the confines of their desks.

“It’s the epitome of user-friendly,” praised Jodi. “Staff don't need additional passwords or logins – which everyone is thankful for!”

The innovation didn't stop at its ease of use. Every month, the digital checklist is disseminated to staff across all departments of the organization. As staff members progress through this checklist, they are met with straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response options. Whenever noncompliance is detected, the software empowers staff to immediately submit a work order or flag it as an area requiring attention.

This level of immediacy has not only improved operational efficiency but has also strengthened the team’s commitment to safety and quality.

Behind the scenes, the quality and risk management team has had full visibility into these responses. They can determine completion statuses, gauge compliance rates, keep tabs on work orders, and even track performance trends across departments over time. “The system takes care of the reminders and escalation emails. All we need to do is monitor the aggregated data,” Jodi noted.

The detailed oversight of the software allows for quick identification and corrective action in specific areas of concern, such as the management of cardboard boxes and ceiling tile inspections.

“Our staff members have become more proactive and cognizant of their roles,” Jodi observed. “The sight of a mispositioned cardboard box, for instance, triggers an immediate response. They’ll promptly jump into action, pointing it out and saying, ‘No, no, that box needs to be moved.’ It’s motivating to see such dedication, and it’s clear that the structure and guidance provided by these digital checklists have been transformative."

"What once seemed like daunting responsibilities are now owned with remarkable dedication, all thanks to Performance Health Partners’ innovative solution.”

Furthermore, the software’s flexibility shines when surveyors are on site. Management can instantly push out checklists as required, allowing a swift reaction to any compliance needs. This real-time response ensures that, even at the eleventh hour, compliance is upheld, turning a reactive situation into a proactive one.

Rounding Software

Impactful Results: Beyond Just a Safety Software

Performance Health Partners’ rounding software has brought about a profound transformation at OLG. The software has not only streamlined safety protocols and enhanced operational efficiency, but it has also alleviated the administrative burden on the organization’s safety officers. This has resulted in a more structured and secure environment of care, demonstrating the true value of the software.

This transformation has had a ripple effect, extending beyond the safety officers to the frontline healthcare providers. Leaders in departments like emergency care can now focus on equipment functionality and patient care without being sidetracked by minor, yet essential, tasks. The rounding software steps in to handle these tasks, reinforcing the culture of safety while allowing staff to focus on their primary objective: delivering exceptional care.

This enhancement in organizational focus and attention to the patient does more than just reduce administrative burden. It opens the door to an unexpected but welcome benefit: a significant improvement in patient experience and satisfaction.

“Even though we can't directly measure the impact on the patient experience, it's undeniable that a cleaner and safer environment contributes positively to it,” reflected Jodi.


The integration of Performance Health Partners’ rounding software at Ochsner Lafayette General exemplifies the power and potential of digital health solutions in promoting safety, efficiency, and patient satisfaction in healthcare settings. By simplifying the approach to safety protocols and refining operational workflows, this technology has catalyzed a transformative shift in the care environment.

When asked what she would say to other organizations considering implementing the software, Jodi was unhesitant and emphatic in her endorsement: “Yes, do it. Don't hesitate. Embrace it. The positive transformation will speak for itself.”

Further underscoring the effectiveness of the solution, Jodi lauded the Performance Health team for their professionalism and exemplary customer service. She highlighted the company’s quick responses, proactive approach in managing issues, and the supportive role they played throughout the software’s implementation and continued use.

Performance Health’s rounding tools have fortified OLG’s commitment to safety and operational standards, providing a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly system. From day-to-day staff members to organizational leaders, the benefits have been unequivocal and far-reaching.

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