Patient Experience

rounding software case study

Enhancing Environment of Care with Performance Health Partners' Rounding Software [Case Study]

In the healthcare industry, a safety checklist is crucial for maintaining high safety standards and streamlining operations. Performance Health...

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patient engagement strategies

Patient Engagement Strategies: Creating a Safer Future in Healthcare

Patient engagement goes beyond the traditional patient-provider relationship, shifting into a collaborative partnership focused on shared...

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improving patient satisfaction

Improving Patient Satisfaction with Lower Staffing Levels

Understaffed hospitals face a significant challenge when it comes to improving patient satisfaction. Lower staffing levels mean fewer workers are...

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strategies to improve patient experience

10 Strategies to Improve Patient Experience

Patients who are not satisfied with their healthcare experience, are more likely to never visit the healthcare organization again or recommend others...

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patient rounding

4 Steps to Purposeful Patient Rounding

Fourteen avoidable hospital acquired-conditions accounted for 48,771 adverse patient outcomes, 3,219 deaths and more than $2 billion in excess...

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Nurse Using Incident Reporting Software in Healthcare to Improve Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

Get Incident Reporting Software in Healthcare for Better Outcomes and Increased Patient Satisfaction

As patient safety becomes increasingly challenged by growing threats, it’s essential for healthcare organizations to put in place measures to...

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technology to round on patients

How To Use Technology to Effectively Round on Patients

Safety rounds are conducted by healthcare organizations to identify risk and address problem areas before they become bigger employee and patient...

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how to improve the patient experience

5 Steps: How to Improve Patient Experience in Healthcare

In the United States, over 35 million patients stay in hospitals every year. For physicians and hospital staff who see hundreds of patients each day,...

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purposeful rounding

4 Ways Purposeful Rounding Improves Patient Experience & Outcomes

Purposeful rounding is defined as a proactive, systemic, nurse-driven, evidence-based intervention that helps anticipate and address patient needs,...

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hot to improve patient experience

Effective Outcomes: How to Improve Patient Experience

With excellent patient-centered care, healthcare providers will see increased consistency in patient adherence to medical advice, and improvement in...

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