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Best in KLAS: What Is It? And Why Does a High Score Matter?

what is best in klas

Best in KLAS is a designation given to healthcare technology and services companies that have been ranked highest by healthcare providers in the annual KLAS Research report. The KLAS Research report is a widely recognized and respected industry benchmark for healthcare technology and services, and is based on feedback from thousands of healthcare providers.

The KLAS report is the trusted go-to guide for healthcare providers, payers, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry to make informed decisions about which technology and services to purchase and implement.

The KLAS report covers a wide range of healthcare technology and services, including electronic health records (EHRs), revenue cycle management (RCM) systems, population health management (PHM) systems, and healthcare safety and compliance solutions, among others. Within each category, the report ranks companies based on a variety of factors, including customer satisfaction, product functionality, and overall performance.

Being designated as Best in KLAS is a significant achievement for any healthcare technology or services company, as it is awarded to that year’s top-scoring vendors in an ever-growing number of health IT market segments. The designation is a testament to the company's ability to provide high-quality products and services that meet the ever-evolving needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

Performance Health Partners rated #1 Best in KLAS

What does KLAS consider when ranking companies?

As business and healthcare both become more data-driven, the need for transparency is paramount. Which is why KLAS Research conducts thorough due diligence when investigating and ranking health IT companies.

  • Honest review: When you’re buying a large-scale software suite, the need for an unbiased, balanced review is paramount. KLAS Research is praised for its honest, fair reviews, without kickbacks or other incentives tied up in the vendor evaluation process. With a commitment to integrity and transparency, you can trust the reviews you read knowing they’re not paid for.
  • Client-provided feedback: KLAS data scientists analyze the numbers to understand where healthcare safety and other healthcare IT vendors stand. In addition, KLAS also conducts in-depth interviews with clients of vendors to learn more about the human side of their business. Are customers satisfied with their products – and their relationship with the vendor? Has their organization benefited from adopting the vendor’s software? Questions like these are addressed during the KLAS research process, and the results of these customer interviews weigh heavily in KLAS annual industry rankings.
  • Holistic view of business: KLAS Research understands the growing demand for ethically-run businesses, and incorporates ratings in ethical categories into their vendor rankings. Does the vendor act ethically? Are they trustworthy? KLAS has a thorough vetting process that addresses all aspects of a vendor’s operations.

Why does a high score matter?

A high KLAS Research score is important for several reasons. First, it indicates that a company's products or services meet the needs of healthcare providers and their patients. Best in KLAS designation signifies that a company’s product or service stands out from the competition in terms of functionality, performance, and customer service.

It can also help improve patient care and outcomes. By providing a benchmark for healthcare technology and services, the KLAS report helps healthcare providers make informed decisions about which technology and services to purchase and implement. This can lead to improved patient care, as healthcare providers can be more confident that the technology and services they are using are of high quality and meet the needs of their patients.

Make an investment with confidence

Purchasing a new healthcare safety software like an incident management system is a big decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, the products you choose will have a profound impact on your organization.

PHP Vs KLAS Software

This is why healthcare leaders should turn to KLAS Research to help guide their buying decisions. KLAS’ reports and rankings provide the information needed to make a purchase with confidence.

Performance Health Partners is proud to be named Best in KLAS by KLAS Research. Learn more here.


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