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The Importance of Reporting Near Misses in Healthcare


Read on to learn the importance of reporting near misses in healthcare and how the event tracking process is facilitated with incident reporting software.

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checklists in healthcare

Why Checklists in Healthcare Are Important

Checklists provide a wealth of positive impacts within healthcare organizations. Whether you are looking to effectively report incidents, prevent...

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how to improve the patient experience

5 Steps: How to Improve Patient Experience in Healthcare

In the United States, over 35 million patients stay in hospitals every year. For physicians and hospital staff who see hundreds of patients each day,...

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Risk Management in Healthcare Strategies

Avoid Unnecessary Risk: Fundamentals of Risk Management in Healthcare

Due to the nature of healthcare, patients, staff, and companies may be exposed to risk regularly. Establishing a thorough risk management program...

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how to prevent medication errors

How to Prevent Medication Errors: A Simple Approach

In the United States, medication errors have become one of the leading causes of injury and avoidable harm in healthcare organizations. These errors...

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Tips for Getting Budget Approval for a Patient Safety Solution

Getting Budget Approval for a Patient Safety Solution

In today’s healthcare environment, there is an overwhelming need to demonstrate the value and return on investment of implementing a new technology...

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near miss events in healthcare

How To Avoid Near Miss Events in Healthcare

Near miss events are far more common than adverse events and typically occur many times before a harmful incident happens. Although near miss events...

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patient safety events

Measuring the Impact of Patient Safety Events

Measuring and tracking patient safety events can have a meaningful impact in making care safer and reducing costs through the prevention of...

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rounding checklist

An Effective Environment of Care Checklist

For healthcare providers, the physical environment of care has a significant impact on patient wellbeing and the ability of care teams to deliver...

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Performance Health Partners named top performer by KLAS Research

Performance Health Partners Named an Overall Top Performer by KLAS

Performance Health Partners has been rated by KLAS as one of the nation’s top performing companies offering Healthcare Safety, Risk and Compliance...

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