Near Miss Events

Nurse submits a good catch report on computer

How to Improve Patient Safety with a Good Catch Program

A good catch program is an action-oriented program that uses incentives to encourage an increase in near miss reporting. By implementing a good catch...

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reporting near misses in healthcare

The Importance of Reporting Near Misses in Healthcare


Read on to learn the importance of reporting near misses in healthcare and how the event tracking process is facilitated with incident reporting...

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near miss events in healthcare

How To Avoid Near Miss Events in Healthcare

Near miss events are far more common than adverse events and typically occur many times before a harmful incident happens. Although near miss events...

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examples of good catches in healthcare

5 Examples of Good Catches in Healthcare & How to Implement a Near Miss Campaign

Learn how to recognize common examples of good catches in healthcare that prevent harm before it reaches the patient.

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near misses in healthcare

A Closer Look at Underreporting of Near Misses in Healthcare


High-performing healthcare organizations adopt principles that support a strong safety culture. Near miss reporting is an important component of...

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