Risk Management

Incident Management System

6 Benefits of Using an Incident Management System in Healthcare

An incident management system collects and analyzes healthcare incident data to improve safety and quality of care. With incident reporting software...

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healthcare risk management technology

How Healthcare Risk Management Technology Reduces Healthcare Worker Burnout

Burnout in healthcare has become an epidemic, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with burnout rates among healthcare workers as high as...

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Risk Management in Healthcare Strategies

Avoid Unnecessary Risk: Fundamentals of Risk Management in Healthcare

Due to the nature of healthcare, patients, staff, and companies may be exposed to risk regularly. Establishing a thorough risk management program...

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patient incident report

The Patient Incident Report: A Necessary Tool for Risk Management

With the increasing demands on healthcare providers today, even the most skilled and well-trained professionals can make mistakes. Incidents or...

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cost effectiveness of risk avoidance

The Cost Effectiveness of Risk Avoidance


Risk avoidance in healthcare is comprised of the clinical and administrative systems and processes used to detect, analyze, and prevent the...
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building an enterprise risk management system

Building an Enterprise Risk Management System [Case Study]

Before implementing Performance Health Partner’s enterprise software system, Ochsner Lafayette General, the largest non-profit regional health system...

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Healthcare Reporting

How to Streamline Incidents in the Healthcare Reporting Process

Each day, healthcare organizations face new and unique challenges that affect the quality of the patient experience. Healthcare risk managers and...

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 Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

A Collaborative Approach: Quality and Risk Management Healthcare

With rapidly evolving patient needs, growing regulatory requirements, and new technological advances, it is now increasingly important for quality...

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Employee Risk Management Healthcare

Employee Risk Management Healthcare

Given that healthcare employees typically work in environments with high exposure to illness and injury, it is crucial that healthcare organizations...

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Enterprise risk management in healthcare

Enterprise Risk Management in Healthcare: A Collaborative Approach

Healthcare risk management technology is very effective in supporting risk avoidance when used to support well-designed care processes. Read on to...

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