Employee Engagement

employee rounding

Employee Rounding: Empowering Staff & Improving Quality

Employee rounding, a powerful practice that cultivates employee engagement and satisfaction, has emerged as an indispensable strategy in today's...

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improve nurse retention

9 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Improve Nurse Retention

Nurse retention is a critical issue for healthcare organizations. High turnover rates can lead to increased costs, decreased quality of care, and...

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healthcare risk management technology

How Healthcare Risk Management Technology Reduces Healthcare Worker Burnout

Burnout in healthcare has become an epidemic, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with burnout rates among healthcare workers as high as...

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How Incident Reporting in Healthcare Improves Employee Engagement

How Incident Reporting in Healthcare Improves Employee Engagement

Utilizing a centralized incident reporting system allows healthcare organizations to enhance patient outcomes and foster a culture of care. But among...

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reporting near misses in healthcare

The Importance of Reporting Near Misses in Healthcare


Read on to learn the importance of reporting near misses in healthcare and how the event tracking process is facilitated with incident reporting...

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incident reporting in healthcare

5 Ways to Track the Value Incident Reporting in Healthcare

Many providers lack the necessary solutions to measure and improve organizational performance in today's healthcare environment. This is why...
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patient safety in hospitals

Establishing a Patient Safety Culture in Hospitals During COVID-19

Establishing a patient safety and employee safety culture is one of the most important components of improving overall health care quality. It is now...
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EMS Incident Management System

EMS Incident Management System: The Best Compliance & Quality Solution

An emergency medical services (EMS) provider came to PHP with a common challenge: they were using paper and Excel files to manually report and track...

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