Simplify Your Incident Management

Keep patients and employees safe with a healthcare incident reporting software that demonstrates quality improvement— getting your organization closer to zero harm. 

  •   Easily report incidents in under 2 minutes
  •   Assign follow-up tasks and set up automatic reminders
  •   Search, group, & filter data within the system 
  •   Export data in Excel or PDF formats at any time

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Top Healthcare Organizations That Trust Us for Their Incident Reporting Systems
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Easily Track Incidents from
Reporting to Follow-up to Resolution 

Real-time Dashboards

Robust data analysis from dashboards and drill-through reporting allows for more informed decision making.

Automatic Notification & Alerts

Automatic emails alert the reviewer of new incidents. Customize alerts based on incident severity & department. 

Built for Healthcare 

Applications are HIPAA secure and built to operate in a healthcare environment.


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Key Features 

  • Customizable Reporting Forms

  • Follow-up Action Plans

  • Detailed Audit Trail

  • Drill-through Reporting

  • Exportable Data (Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, and XML)
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Data-Driven Insights to Keep Patients Safe

EHR Integration

Seamless EHR data integration ensures access to patient data when you need it. 

HIPAA Secure

PHP's applications are secure and built to operate in a healthcare environment. 


Adaptable software is completely customized to your organization, built to gather and analyze the data that matters to you. 


Cloud-based applications allow users to easily access solutions and gain insight in real-time. 

Smart Analytics

Uncover trends with customized dashboards and reports, addressing areas of improvement. 


Focus on Your Patients, Not the Paperwork

Easily track any type of incident, event or near miss with PHP's proven risk management software. Staff can easily report safety events (such as falls and medication errors) with the click of a button, and the form will automatically route to supervisors for follow-up.  

Leadership teams can easily initiate root cause analysis, peer reviews, and mortality reviews within a centralized, HIPAA-secure system. User-friendly dashboards and analytics provide insights on when and where safety events are occurring so that they can be prevented in the future. 

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"We've done a great number of implementations and service lines, and Performance Health Partners ranks among the best from a project management perspective, communication, and the seamlessness of this transition."
Lifeline Vascular Care
“By implementing PHP solutions, we were able to reduce incidents. Reporting and retrieving real time data seems to get easier all the time. The PHP team is extremely easy to work with. Very accommodating.”
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
“The great thing about Performance Health Partners’ software, for the front-line staff, it’s very simple to use. All they have to do is click on a picture to start the report.”
Permian Medical Center
“PHP’s Performance Improvement Solutions have helped us streamline processes and everyone follows the same processes across departments. Less digging for data and more doing our jobs: saving people, time, and resources. User-friendly? It’s 10/10.”
Hardtner Medical Center
“We’ve been able to see a reduction of our fall rate in our hospital. We went from having the highest fall rate in the system to the second to lowest.”
St. Martin Hospital
"Overall, we’ve been very pleased with PHP's responsiveness and willingness to customize the system to meet our needs. The system has exceeded our expectations. The immediate notification feature is huge for us — instead of waiting days to hear about a major incident, we’re now aware of it immediately."
Monarch Behavioral Health
The software has been incredibly valuable, extremely beneficial, and time-saving. The patient satisfaction return rates are higher than ever before. A huge thank you to the PHP team for making implementation so smooth!
Ambulatory Surgery Center

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Behavioral Health
Addiction Treatment Centers
Long-Term Care
Home Health
IVF Facilities & Laboratories
Ambulance Services
Dialysis Centers
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Social Services
Innovative Care Models
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