How Digital Rounding Software Led to An Enhanced Care Environment [Case Study]

digital rounding software

Explore how Ochsner Lafayette General transformed their environment of care (EOC) and streamlined safety protocols with Performance Health Partners’ innovative digital rounding software. 

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • How Ochsner Lafayette General successfully implemented PHP's digital rounding software, leading to improvements in their safety and EOC.
  • The distinct features that set PHP's innovative solution apart from the competition’s.
  • Remarkable results achieved post-implementation: significant improvement in patient experience and satisfaction, reduced administrative burden, and refined operational workflows.

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Unlock the Power of Transformation with a Comprehensive Digital Rounding Software


Are you seeking an innovative digital rounding software to boost your healthcare operations and improve patient safety? We've got a resource you'll find very valuable.

Our case study, "Ochsner Lafayette General & Performance Health Partners: A Case Study on Enhanced Environment of Care," is a compelling narrative of transformation. The story unveils how Ochsner Lafayette General, a large healthcare provider in south-central Louisiana, implemented our revolutionary digital rounding software and how it streamlined safety protocols, enhanced operational efficiency, alleviated administrative burden, and improved their environment of care.

It's a deep dive into the process of change, the challenges they faced, and the innovative solutions they adopted.

Enhancing Care Quality and Safety


The core quality team of Ochsner Lafayette General faced a significant challenge: How to improve safety and the care environment while effectively maintaining regulatory compliance across departments throughout their system?

Enter Performance Health Partners with a solution: a digital rounding software tailored for healthcare institutions.

This software was not just another tool, but a streamlined platform designed for ease of use and automation. By reducing administrative overhead and offering mobile compatibility, it provided the flexibility healthcare professionals needed, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on time-consuming tasks.

One key feature of the software the organization leveraged is its digital safety checklist, which continuously monitors and detects any deviations from established quality and safety benchmarks. This information is shared with staff across all departments monthly, fostering a proactive approach to patient care.

With the implementation of Performance Health Partners' digital rounding software, Ochsner Lafayette General navigated their challenges more efficiently.

Despite the obstacles the organization had faced with administrative burden and enforcing high quality safety standards in such an extensive healthcare network, PHP's customer-centric approach and comprehensive training made the transition smooth, stress-free, and highly effective.

The result? A marked improvement in safety protocols and operational workflows, ushering in a transformative shift of heightened care quality.

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The experience at Ochsner Lafayette General highlights the significant role that rounding software, coupled with a dedicated team, can play in enhancing healthcare operations. This collaboration underscores the potential for healthcare organizations to leverage digital tools to improve safety, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

If you're seeking insights into elevating healthcare quality and efficiency, this case study provides valuable lessons.

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