Transforming Healthcare Incident Reporting at York Hospital

York Hospital Case Study

Faced with a “a tangled web of safety processes,” communication silos, and inadequate event follow up due to their outdated incident reporting system, York Hospital recognized the urgent need for a change. This led them to adopt Performance Health Partners’ award-winning healthcare incident reporting software, an essential upgrade that dramatically enhanced their operational efficiency and elevated patient safety to unprecedented levels.

In this case study, you’ll:

  • Gain insights into how York Hospital overcame significant challenges in their old system to achieve streamlined incident management and enhanced data usability
  • Discover the measurable improvements in incident reporting and patient safety, highlighted by increased reporting and reduced medication errors
  • Learn about the cultural shift towards continuous improvement and proactive safety measures at York Hospital following the system upgrade

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Transform Your Safety Culture with a Best-In-Class Healthcare Incident Reporting System

Are healthcare operations and safety processes at your organization hindered by an outdated incident management platform? You’re not alone. Most incident reporting systems on the market today have stagnated, with few recent innovations and designs that fail to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations.

That’s exactly why Performance Health Partners stands out. We’ve meticulously designed our solutions to cater to healthcare organizations of all sizes and provider types. Just ask York Hospital.

When York Hospital came to us looking to make an upgrade from their antiquated system, they were immediately impressed by the level of customization we offer, our exceptional customer service, and our commitment to listening to and applying their feedback for continuous improvements.

“From our first encounter with PHP setting up a demo, to implementation, their customer service has been among the best of any vendor we’ve ever worked with,” noted Kristen Gustavsen, a Performance Improvement Specialist at York Hospital.

Since their implementation of Performance Health Partners’ incident management system, York Hospital has consistently experienced numerous positive outcomes. Among them include a marked increase in incident reporting accuracy and timeliness, which has led to faster response times and more effective interventions. Furthermore, the system’s intuitive design has significantly enhanced user engagement, ensuring that staff members are more proactive in managing and reporting incidents, ultimately elevating the overall quality of patient care.

PHP’s advanced event analytics capabilities have also enabled York Hospital to dissect and understand the nuances of patient incidents like never before. Through detailed data, the hospital is now able to analyze safety events by day, shift, and underlying risk factors, leading to targeted quality improvement projects.

As York Hospital continues to navigate the complexities of healthcare, PHP’s healthcare incident reporting software remains an integral tool in their mission to provide safe, high-quality patient care.


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