How United Urology Group Overcame Healthcare Incident Reporting Complexity

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Frustrated by a clunky and convoluted incident reporting system that not only slowed them down but also left staff frustrated, United Urology Group (UUG) faced a critical junction: evolve or remain hindered by inefficiency. Choosing transformation, UUG turned to Performance Health Partners’ (PHP) best-in-class healthcare incident reporting software, a move that not only streamlined their operations but also significantly improved patient safety.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Learn about the simplicity and user-friendly interface of PHP’s software, which slashed training time and streamlined daily tasks, a stark contrast to UUG’s previous system.
  • Uncover the dramatic enhancements in incident reporting rates and patient safety metrics at UUG, showcasing the tangible benefits of PHP’s technology.
  • Discover how PHP’s personalized support and customized solutions have not only increased user satisfaction but also bolstered the reliability of incident management across UUG’s extensive network of physician practices.

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Transform Your Safety Culture with the #1 Healthcare Incident Reporting System

Is your healthcare organization bogged down by outdated or overly complex incident management software? You’re not alone. Many of today’s incident reporting systems lack the necessary innovation, failing to address the ever-evolving needs of healthcare providers effectively.

This is where Performance Health Partners (PHP) sets itself apart. Our systems are not only customizable but also specifically tailored to meet the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties. Take United Urology Group (UUG) as a prime example of our transformative impact.

United Urology faced significant challenges with their previous incident management software, which fell short in addressing the unique demands of their operations. They were immediately impressed by our deep understanding of physician practices, our capability to tailor solutions to specific needs, and our exceptional customer service.

“It almost sounded too good to be true,” noted Ann Carson, Director of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement at UUG.

The Results

Following the introduction of Performance Health Partners’ healthcare incident reporting software, United Urology Group has witnessed remarkable improvements:

  • A 25% increase in incident reporting, filling a critical gap in their previous capabilities.
  • Enhanced user engagement with direct, effortless access to the system, eliminating the frustrations and time wasted on navigating complex interfaces.
  • Reduced dependency on specialized IT support, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives like the advancement of their safety culture.

PHP’s incident management software for healthcare doesn’t just manage incidents and events like near misses—it enhances patient and employee safety through advanced data analytics, allowing UUG to understand patterns and trends to pinpoint gaps in safety processes and make data-driven safety decisions to improve outcomes. Features like customizable dashboards and easy report generation provide UUG with quick access to crucial data, adding significant value to their operations.

As United Urology Group continues to navigate the ongoing challenges of modern healthcare, PHP’s incident reporting software remains a cornerstone of their commitment to delivering safe, high-quality patient care.


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