[Webinar] Building a Culture of Safety: Getting Employee Buy-In

Building a Culture of Safety Getting Employee BuyIn

Cultivating a culture of safety is becoming increasingly important in healthcare. It is essential to create an environment where staff understand the importance of safety and feel empowered to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a culture of safety in healthcare
  • Actionable strategies to make leadership more approachable
  • The tools needed to drive the successful implementation of safety-focused initiatives

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How can a culture of safety improve employee satisfaction?


In the current landscape of healthcare, there are extreme staffing shortages. Staff are leaving the industry due to a variety of factors including increased workplace violence and worker burnout. Currently, 47% of US healthcare workers plan to leave their current role by 2025 making it extremely important for management to find ways to improve working conditions.

Creating a culture of safety at your facility can help lower these numbers by improving employee satisfaction.

When healthcare organizations prioritize safety, employees feel a sense of security an confidence in their work environment. This not only reduces the risk of errors, but also fosters a positive atmosphere where employees can focus on delivery of high-quality patient care without the constant fear of potential harm.

Knowing that their well-being is a top priority allows healthcare professionals to concentrate on their responsibilities and perform their duties more effectively. In turn, this contributes to higher job satisfaction as employees appreciate and value an organizational culture that places a high priority on their safety and that of their patients.

Furthermore, a safety culture in healthcare promotes open communication and collaboration among staff. When individuals feel encouraged to report concerns and engage in constructive discussions about safety issues, it creates a supportive environment where everyone plays a role in continuous improvement.

This collaborative approach empowers employees, making them feel heard and valued. As healthcare organizations actively involve their staff in safety initiatives, it fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the workplace, ultimately contributing to increased job satisfaction and a more positive work experience for healthcare professionals.

Our webinar is designed to help healthcare professionals understand what a culture of safety is and the steps to create one at their organization. By downloading our webinar, you will gain valuable insights in the key tools to implement a positive culture, as well as actions to take to improve the wellbeing of your employees.

We have consulted with Jessica Booth, the Director of Risk Management & Medical Staff Coordinator at Permian Regional Medical Center, to provide you with the best practices for implementing a culture of safety. Our webinar covers a wide range of topics, including recognizing workplace culture red flags, strategies to make leadership more approachable, and examples of ways to engage employees in learning about safety.

How to Cultivate Continuous Learning in Your Facility


One of the critical components of creating a positive culture of safety is building a culture of continuous learning. This involves creating events where staff can learn different safety practices and improve upon their skills.

Additionally, learning involves having open discussions about events that occur where everyone feels comfortable sharing in order avoid mistakes being repeated. We believe that creating a culture of safety is a critical issue that deserves focus from healthcare management.

By downloading our webinar, you will be taking the first step in creating a safer and more comfortable work environment for all your employees at your healthcare organization. Our webinar provides practical tips and strategies to help you create a safe and secure culture for yourself and your colleagues. Don't wait any longer to take action in building a culture of safety.

Download our webinar today and take the first step in creating a safer and more secure workplace environment.


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