The #1 Patient & Employee Safety Software For Health Centers

Easily track incidents from initial reporting and follow-up management to event analysis and prevention.

  • Customize incident reports to meet ever-evolving compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Streamline reporting with instant alerts, ensuring the right people are notified immediately for faster issue awareness and resolution
  • Facilitate action plans, delegate responsibilities, and set timelines via a centralized hub, reducing staff effort and boosting operational efficiency
  • Gain real-time insights to identify trends and prevent the recurrence of safety events in your practice

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Top Healthcare Organizations That Trust Us for Their Incident Management Software

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Report quickly and easily


Intuitive forms allow all staff to report any incident, event, or near miss in under two minutes. Tailor forms to capture the data that’s most important to your practice.

Report from anywhere, on any device—desktop, phone, or tablet. Our system integrates seamlessly with EHRs and other health IT systems for a unified approach to patient safety.

Incident Reporting Software for Health Centers

Overcome follow-up management hurdles


Automatic email alerts and live dashboard notifications keep supervisors and risk management informed about reported incidents, breaking down organizational silos and enhancing communication.

Easily assign tasks, set reminders, create action plans, and maintain clear communication with centralized channels for seamless team coordination.

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Make informed decisions and take action in real time


Gain real-time insights with customized dashboards that pinpoint critical improvement areas and reveal trends.

Leverage advanced search and filtering for in-depth analyses and effortlessly export your data in Excel or PDF formats.

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What Our Customers Say


Clear Costs, Clear Success
When I Am Boundless sought a replacement for their inefficient incident reporting software, the transparent, out-of-the-box pricing offered by Performance Health Partners made a compelling case. This straightforward approach not only streamlined their decision-making process but also provided cost predictability and clarity as they scaled, boosting trust and operational effectiveness.
Transformative Outcomes for Community Health Centers
Decrease in medication errors
Increase in the achievement of meeting QAPI safety goals
Reduction in time spent on data collection and analysis

Don't just take our word for it.

KLAS Research named Performance Health Partners the #1 leader in the Healthcare Safety, Risk, and Compliance Management software space for the second consecutive year. What’s more: 100% of our customers interviewed said we keep all our promises and avoid charging for every little thing.

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Best in KLAS Incident Management System

Meet the people achieving safer care, better outcomes, and decreased costs

Performance Health Partners has great executive and technical support. One of their top executives is extremely available and accessible to every client. Performance Health Partners’ level of support is second to none, and that is a big deal.
Lifeline Vascular Care
PHP's continuous upgrades and streamlining have been incredibly exciting. When we initially engaged with them, we’d suggest improvements, and to our delight, PHP responded with, ‘Yes, we could see how that could be helpful. Let us get to work on that.’
I Am Boundless
When we implemented the platform, we immediately saw an increase in reporting. We continue to see that increase. So, in terms of immediate results, we have a lot more information coming to us, and that is extremely helpful.
Permian Medical Center
The difference between our experience with Performance Health Partners and what we were doing previously is night and day. Every single staff member is in awe of the system and how simple it has been designed to meet our needs.
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
PHP's customer service is excellent. If there's something I wanted that wasn't standard, they just told me that it wasn’t a problem and that they would add it. We ultimately chose Performance Health Partners as our vendor based on a combination of their customer service and the system's simplicity of use.
Hardtner Medical Center
If we ever have a roadblock, the people at Performance Health Partners are always accessible and available to me. We can always reach out to them, and they get things fixed. The turnaround time is astronomical for what they do.
Ochsner Lafayette General
The product is in our long-term plans because it is affordable and Performance Health Partners is very supportive. They have done a great job of helping us, training people, and sending us whatever we have needed.
Monarch Behavioral Health