Healthcare Incident Reporting Solutions 

Our healthcare incident reporting solutions are complete with reporting near misses, incidents, events, and complaints. Because healthcare reporting varies in each organization, our solution can be customized specifically for you.

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Healthcare Incident Reporting Solutions

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What makes Performance Health Partners a Top Performer?


For healthcare organizations, incident reporting solutions are an essential tool for enhancing patient safety, improving quality, and getting closer to zero harm. 

Implementing patient safety software like ours results in:

  • 100% decrease in preventable deaths
  • 56% decrease in malpractice cost
  • 54% decrease in falls with injury

But not all incident reporting solutions are created equal.

Performance Health Partner’s cloud-based software was designed to automate burdensome risk management processes so that you can easily and efficiently improve outcomes, prevent incidents, and reduce risk.

How Our Incident Reporting Solution Can Help You


Save time with user-friendly incident reporting forms

An intuitive interface makes it possible for employees to report incidents in under two minutes. Interoperability with other IT systems (such as EHR and physician rosters) makes it easy to seamlessly pull data for faster reporting. Our customizable forms track the data that's important to you so you can reach your specific organizational goals.

A centralized system enables you to reach safety goals 

Incidents are categorized and automatically escalated to management for quick follow-up and initiation of root cause analysis.

Prevent harmful events and near misses from reoccurring

Real-time dashboards trend incidents and identify gaps, allowing leadership to prevent harmful events and near misses from reoccurring.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Performance Health Partners’ incident reporting system has been rated by KLAS Research as a Top Performer in the Healthcare Safety, Risk, and Compliance Management software space. In 2022, we received a product score of 92.0 – the highest score among all vendors included in the report.

Performance Health Partners also received the highest overall performance score, landing top marks across KLAS’ customer excellence pillars. In fact, 100% of the report’s customer respondents stated they would buy Performance Health Partners’ product again, and that our solutions are a part of their long-term plans.

You’re Not Alone


Many healthcare organizations find it challenging to address the issue of siloed technology systems to optimize incident reporting and improve safety. As a result, there’s a growing demand for solutions that can meet the specific needs of individual departments, while still fostering a sense of cohesiveness and providing data from which to draw insights across the organization. 

In this case study, learn how the largest non-profit regional health system in Louisiana improved patient outcomes and reduced risk across their organization by implementing Performance Health Partner's patient safety, quality, and compliance solutions.

Get Closer to Zero Harm With Performance Health Partners

If antiquated processes and the old way of doing things have prevented your organization from achieving your safety goals, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

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