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Patient Safety

is the cornerstone of highly reliable care

From prevention, to reporting, to post-event analysis and peer review, our complete Patient Safety solution supports every step in the patient safety process to bring your organization closer to zero harm.


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  • See the Bigger Picture

    Quality care and patient experience know no boundaries, and neither does our single, streamlined platform, which aggregates and synthesizes information across all departments and locations.

  • Measure Key Indicators
    One common platform gives leadership a clear line of sight into the organization’s performance and quality outcomes, while still allowing visibility into each unit’s performance trends over time. Create action plans and monitor improvement through a centralized workflow tool.
  • Focus on Care
    With standardized rounding tools and streamlined processes that reduce complexity and redundancy, your clinical team can focus on delivering safe, high-quality care.
  • Enable Informed Collaboration
    A central platform for team collaboration eliminates the departmental siloed approach to assessing quality indicators, while automated email updates about status transitions and action items keep employees informed and engaged throughout the quality improvement process.
  • Automate Data Review and Reporting
    Dashboards provide managers and executives a real-time overview of relevant improvement actions, timelines, and results. Customized dashboards can be configured to generate monthly, quarterly and annual reports with just a single click.






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