Environment of Care Rounding Checklist

Protecting patients from harm involves more than safe treatments and procedures.

Organizations must also consider where patients receive care and minimize risks associated with the physical environment. In this whitepaper, learn:

  • How to conduct effective environment of care rounding
  • Questions to ask when developing an EOC rounding checklist
  • Advantages of automated EOC checklists
  • A list of features to look for in an environment of care tool

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Environment of Care Rounding Checklist

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The Value of Rounding


In the healthcare industry, the physical environment of care (EOC) has a substantial impact on patient wellbeing and the ability of care teams to deliver the best possible outcomes.

As healthcare continues to evolve to focus more on patient-centered care, environment of care rounding has become an increasingly valuable tool in improving both patient safety and staff engagement.

As a result, many healthcare organizations have begun to implement rounding in patient rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, restrooms, and even entrance areas to ensure a safe physical environment.

These rounds, referred to commonly as environment of care rounds, play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of patients and staff, as well as in optimizing the overall operations of a healthcare facility.

Using Checklists to Streamline Rounding


An environment of care checklist is one of the most effective tools that care teams can use to ensure consistency and quality while performing EOC rounding, as they provide a standard list of items that healthcare teams should ask or observe while rounding.

Utilizing checklists in healthcare helps to ensure that patients and staff stay safe, and that the organization remains in compliance with Joint Commission and Department of Health guidelines and regulations.

The Added Benefits of Automated Checklists


While mental and written checklists enhance safety in healthcare, automated checklists provide additional benefits. Automated rounding checklists:

  • Ensure checklist availability at all times
  • Can easily be revised according to latest evidence around best practices
  • Enable visibility to multiple members of the healthcare team
  • Decrease the risk of human error when making calculations
  • Allow leadership teams to track compliance and run reports on checklist utilization
  • Help care teams streamline EOC rounding, which improves patient outcomes, reduces costs and gets organizations closer to zero harm

Transform EOC Rounding with Performance Health Partners


Performance Health Partners’ digital rounding tools utilize automated checklists, among other features, to optimize EOC rounding, improve team communication, and raise awareness of patient safety and quality issues. Features of our innovative rounding solution include:

  • Streamlined data entry: User-friendly forms are compatible across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.
  • Instant notifications of environmental issues: When an environmental issue is identified, a workflow is triggered and relevant team members are instantly notified. A notification will escalate to appropriate leadership without addressing the problem within a certain period.
  • Custom dashboards and analytics: Real-time dashboards allow for quick oversight. Robust analytics and customized reports empower care teams to analyze and track data across departments and make data-driven decisions to drive long-term improvements.

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