Benefits of Streamlining
Internal Audits

Auditing equips healthcare organizations with the necessary data to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of safety initiatives and organizational processes.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • The six steps of the auditing process
  • Benefits and common challenges of internal auditing in healthcare
  • How streamlining internal audits can reduce safety risks and improve outcomes


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A healthcare organization’s success revolves around its policies and procedures that encourage patient safety and accountability. And while most providers make these top priorities, many find they still have weak spots that haven’t been identified or that staff doesn’t know how to fix.

That’s where healthcare auditing steps in -- to find the gaps that are causing hospitals the most harm. Internal audits are an essential tool for measuring operational success and understanding where patient safety improvements are needed. Audits:

  • Provide the framework to improve the quality of patient care in a collaborative and systematic way.
  • Detect emerging trends, which enables care teams to identify risks and implement actions before they become a bigger issue.
  • Identify which services are performing well and promote good practice, as well as those that require improvement.
  • Hold staff accountable.
  • Keep organizations prepared for any external regulatory audits.

With the proper auditing processes and the right auditing technologies in place, healthcare organizations can foster a culture of safety while improving outcomes.

Optimize the Audit Process and Get Closer to Zero Harm


It’s important for healthcare organizations to have effective protocols and systems in place to create a safety culture and provide the highest quality care in the safest possible environment. Fortunately, electronic auditing tools make it easy to capture data through desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, while helping leadership teams identify areas of concern and implement action plans.

Performance Health Partners’ Compliance and Audit solutions enable healthcare organizations to proactively and strategically assess their regulatory and compliance culture, monitor ongoing improvement, uncover areas of risk, and manage the entire remediation process.

  • Chart Audits: Safely store, share, and track all chart auditing activities in a centralized location.
  • Risk Assessment: Assess your regulatory compliance stance, monitor ongoing improvement, uncover areas of risk, and manage the remediation process.
  • Compliance and Privacy Reporting: Report, investigate, and prevent incidents with a centralized risk and compliance solution.

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