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Codeless Platform

Rapidly deliver technology solutions with minimal investment in creation, setup, training, and deployment.

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Codeless development empowers nontechnical teams to solve workflow gaps to drive outcomes.

Codeless platforms give healthcare organizations the opportunity to create custom apps, improving workflow efficiency and consumer experience without devoting significant time and resources to the development process.


Go Codeless

Give innovators on your team the opportunity to create solutions
to challenges that are unique to your organization. Performance Health Partner's codeless solution is built specifically for healthcare delivery systems, making it easier than ever to innovate and improve outcomes across your entire organization.


Implementing a Low Code Solution Results In



Faster Rollout of Applications



Better Integration Across Platforms



Lower Cost of Ownership

Benefits of Codeless Development

Quick to Implement

Easy to Integrate


Less Strain on Developers

Low Financial Investment


Easier to Train End Users


Latest Updates

“Working with Performance Health Partners, we were able to obtain a significant amount of information. Once we pulled the information together, we could analyze data and make strategic decisions that helped improve patient care, reduce risk, and identify areas of revenue enhancement.”
Lafayette General Medical Center

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