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6 min read

What is Value-Based Care?

A New Era of Healthcare

The models of care used by healthcare organizations have evolved over time. One of the most significant healthcare paradigm shifts in the past decade is the introduction of a new reimbursement model known as value-based care.

Where the traditional fee-for-service model rewarded organizations that treated the highest number of patients, the value-based care model now rewards organizations that provide the highest-quality care (1).

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6 min read

Enterprise Risk Management in Health Care: A Collaborative Approach

Trudi Stafford, PhD, RN, and Clinical Advisor at PHP shares insight on a collaborative approach to risk management amongst patient safety, quality, compliance, clinical, and executive teams.

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7 min read

Developing an Effective Root Cause Analysis

Trudi Stafford, PhD, RN, and Clinical Advisor at PHP shares insight on developing processes and tools for effective root cause analysis. 

Trudi Stafford has 30+ years of health care leadership experience with an emphasis on informatics to positively impact patient safety and health care quality. She is a doctorally prepared nurse executive with prior work experience as the Chief Nursing Office at three of the nation’s largest health systems.

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