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Reduce HAIs by Using Checklists in Healthcare

Preventing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) is an important goal for any healthcare organization to improve patient safety. A healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) is an infection that a patient contracts while receiving treatment for another medical or surgical condition. (1) One simple way to prevent HAIs is by using checklists in healthcare.

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The Benefits of Software for Incident Reporting in Healthcare

There are 134 million patient safety events that occur each year, resulting in $20B in annual costs. (1) Incident reporting software or a patient safety technology supports healthcare organizations in their efforts to prevent patient safety incidents and yields the following outcomes:

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Measuring the Impact of Patient Safety Events

Measuring and tracking patient safety events can have a meaningful impact in making care safer and reducing costs through the Prevention of Healthcare-Acquired Conditions (HACs) (1).

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What is Value Based Care? A New Era of Healthcare

A New Era of Healthcare

The models of care used by healthcare organizations have evolved over time. One of the most significant healthcare paradigm shifts in the past decade is the introduction of a new reimbursement model known as value based care. But what is value based care?

Where the traditional fee-for-service model rewarded organizations that treated the highest number of patients, the value-based care model now rewards organizations that provide the highest-quality care (1).

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