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4 min read

An Introduction to Just Culture and Why Patient Safety is Important

Medical errors and preventable incidents occur daily in healthcare organizations. By increasing the number of near misses and incidents reported, healthcare organizations can better understand safety challenges and prevent patient harm. Unfortunately, these harmful incidents often go unreported.

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4 min read

How to Implement an Electronic Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Software

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) “is a structured method used to analyze serious adverse events” in healthcare. (1) The goal of an RCA is to identify any underlying problems in processes that increase the likelihood of an error with a non-punitive approach. When done effectively, an RCA can:

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3 min read

Just Culture Healthcare: How to Create Quality Patient Safety Programs

Improving Patient Outcomes 

Sustainable improvements in patient outcomes are achieved when organizations adopt a patient safety culture that is pervasive in all of their interactions with patients and their families. A 5-year Ascension study published in Modern Healthcare found that implementing patient safety programs resulted in:

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6 min read

Enterprise Risk Management in Healthcare: A Collaborative Approach

Trudi Stafford, PinhD, RN, and Clinical Advisor at PHP shares insight on a collaborative approach to risk management amongst patient safety, quality, compliance, clinical, and executive teams.

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